Pai Gow Rules

Pai Gow poker game was recently introduced in the world’s casinos. It is one of the many Asiatic games, extremely entertaining and captivating. However, as all other gambling games it has some rules. These rules must be followed by the players.

About pai gow poker rules

The game is based on the Chinese domino named Pai Gow , and it is a casino gambling game. It can be played using poker combinations by up to seven people. In this game there is used a full deck of 52 cards plus the joker. In this game, the joker can be used only as a substitute for the Ace card or when the player is trying to complete a flush, a straight or a straight flush but he is lacking one card. Only in these cases the joker card is useful.



The dealer in this game is known as the banker. He is also making part of the game, and the other players from the table are playing against him. Before each deal the other players must put up a stake or more exactly to bet. Each player will receive seven cards. After the players get the cards they must at look at them individually. Each player will have then to divide the cards in two hands. The first hand is made from five cards, and the rest of the cards will become the other hand, also known as the front- hand. The hands that you can make during a Pai Gow  poker game are exactly as in the poker game, but with some exceptions. For example, at Pai Gow poker the highest hand that you can make is made from 5 aces, and it can beat a straight flush. The second highest straight or flush straight is made from A- 2- 3- 4- 5. These rules are applied for the behind- hands, and as for the front- hands the rule is that every pair can beat two unmatched cards. There are no other possible combinations to make.

Each player should arrange the cards so the five- cards hand to be higher than the two- cards hand. An important rule is that the players are not allowed to talk about their hands during the game. Once every player selected the cards that will become the two hands, they must place their cards with the face down. When everyone has finished doing so the banker will expose his cards. After the banker exposed his cards, no player is allowed to touch his cards anymore. After that, the banker will create as the other players two hands from his cards. After this process, each player will have to expose his cards. The winner will be the one that has higher hands, both for behind and front hands, than the banker.

These are some general rules, used worldwide. There are some casinos that have different rules. So, when you decide to play this game at a real casino for real cash the first thing that you must do is to carefully read the house’s rules. You don’t want to miss anything. The rules depends a lot of the house.

However, Pai Gow poker is not that difficult. The rules as you’ve seen are quite similar with the common poker so if you know the basics of poker you will easily be able to understand how Pai Gow  can be played. This casino gambling game is quite interesting and attractive as rules, way of playing and so on. You should give it a try. It is impossible not to like this game from the first round.


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