Pai Gow poker strategy

Pai Gow poker is a game appeared a few decades ago. It was initially a Chinese game until some Americans made another version of it. Today, this game is also known as double- hand cards game. It is an exciting game, quite thrilling and popular. Even if, somehow it is following the same rules as those from the poker game it is quite different by it. In Pai Gow poker you can’t make only one hand, but you must make two. You don’t have community cards; instead of five cards you have 7 and so on. However, like the original poker, in order to win you need to make use of luck and strategies. There are lots of strategies that you can use during a Pai Gow poker game. Each strategy depends on what cards you have in your hand.


Pai Gow poker strategies

Well, in Pai Gow poker you need to make the highest two- card hand in order to win. You should know that a two- card hand can become even better than a five- card hand. There were made detailed computer analyses in order to find out the finest strategy for this game. However, they needed large tables. However, with or without the computer strategies, let’s see what strategies you can use into a real casino.

You are playing Pai Gow poker, and you have in your hand the next cards: A-K-Q-10-5-4-3. In this case you must use for your second hand, the two cards hand K and Q. So, the point is that if you don’t have in your hand a straight, a flush or pairs you should set for the two- cards hand the second and the third highest cards that you have.

When the cards are offered to every player and you notice that in your hand there is a single pair, you should keep that pair in the 5- cards hand and put on the table the highest cards that remain. So, if you have Q- J-9-7- 4- 4- 3, you must put on the table Q and J. This strategy and the one mentioned above usually cover 65% of played hands.


If you have two pairs in your hand you can use different strategies depending on how high or how low the pairs are. So, you can either choose to play the highest pair in front, or you can choose to play the lowest pair in front. However, if the cards from your hand are pretty high you can also choose to play with two pairs behind. So, you have K- Q- 4-4-9-9- 6. You can put in front the cards K and Q and you will remain with two pairs behind. However, if the player has no higher cards than a ten in the hand, he should always split the pairs, so there will be one pair in front and one behind.

The good part at the Pai Gow poker is that you can even make three pairs. So, you can have in your hand QQ- JJ- 10-10- 9. This is considered to be one of the finest hands that a player can obtain. In this case, you can play the highest pair in the front without a problem.

If you will have three cards of a kind in your hand you must play them behind, and put in the front the highest cards that remain into your hand. On the other hand, if you have two- three of a kind you must play the highest pair in front.

So, as you can see the strategies that you can use when playing Pai Gow poker are quite simple and easy to use.






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